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Preppy Little Liars by Amber Turner

HardBook Cover_Amber Turner_FRONTMeg Little desperately wants to be editor-in-chief of the Haverton Gazette after the former editor resigns to complete a stint in rehab for a raging Adderall addiction.

When Margaret Bean, Haverton Prep’s star equestrian, is bucked from her horse two weeks before regionals, Meg believes she may have found the story that will win her the coveted editorship. Margaret’s a gold medal-winning rider – she doesn’t make mistakes.

But the rest of the school buys her fall as an accident. Even the Gazette’s lead photographer and Meg’s best friend Stephen thinks the fall was innocuous – until Meg shows him a photo of Margaret’s horse sporting a cut saddle after Margaret’s fall. Clearly the “accident” was sabotage.

Meg’s prime suspect: Margaret’s teammate and Meg’s arch-nemesis Kitty Cooper. Kitty’s the only member of the team who was MIA after the fall and she’s acting way too shifty for Meg’s taste. Against Margaret’s wishes to let broken girls lie, Meg launches an investigation into the girls’ private lives convinced her amateur sleuthing will uncover the evidence needed to take down Kitty once and for all.

As regionals approaches and the investigation veers off in unexpected directions, Meg learns the students of Haverton are far more dangerous than their plaid skirts and blazers suggest – and all the little liars on Margaret’s team have something to hide.

Get the book at the following online retailers:

Amazon (Kindle Edition)

Amazon (Print)

Barnes and Noble (Nook Edition)

Barnes and Noble (Print)

Powell’s Books

CreateSpace e-Store


Dark Tales: eVolume One by Elle Chambers

Dark Tales: eVolume One is a micro collection of short, dark stories. The collection includes three tales:

“When Daddy Comes Home”: When Opal Brown’s husband leaves her for another woman, she doesn’t get angry – she gets determined to keep her family together at all costs. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and Opal plans to make him a meal he’ll never forget.

“Child’s Play”: Maggie is worried about her five-year-old son after his father’s death. Max seems oddly detached from the tragedy and has invented a young friend named Edgar he talks to in secret in the middle of the night. Most kids his age have imaginary friends so Maggie tries not to be concerned – that is, until Max confides in her his young friend is actually an adult who comes to play with him when his mommy is sleeping.


“The Storyteller”: Elizabeth’s house has been on the market for weeks with no interest. One day, an old woman with a dead hand appears on her doorstep asking to see the place. As they tour the house, Elizabeth gradually becomes uncomfortable with the woman’s familiarity of both the house and of her since she’s never laid eyes on the old woman before in her life. Or has she?

Get the ebook at the following retailers:


Amazon Kindle

Dark Tales: eVolume Two by Elle Chambers

Four unsettling tales to read in the dark. For fans of Tales from the Crypt and Tales from the Darkside:

“Obituary”: She was known by her colleagues as “Lady Death.” Of all the monikers Gretchen Huggins had acquired over the years—Weirdo, Mouth-breather, Lesbian Succubitch from Hell—that one was the most accurate description. When one of Gretchen’s coworkers makes a play for a job at The Enquirer she believes is rightfully hers, she discovers just how accurate her nickname truly is.

“Recalling Past Lives”: Carl Willis visits his ailing grandfather in the hospital and hears a disturbing confession that may or may not be the delusions of a dementia-addled brain.

“Old Flame”: After twenty years of longing, Randall gets to spend the night with his childhood crush. But a lot has changed since they were in high school and the dream of his youth may be a real nightmare.

“Lost and Found”: Twelve-year-old Josephine Harvey has a favorite teacher named Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones has a predilection for pain—and small children. What happens when he offers her a ride home from school one day is a chilling study of abuse, imprisonment, and terror.

Get the ebook at the following retailers:


Amazon Kindle

Good Eats (Single & Deluxe Editions) by Elle Chambers

20131117-193940.jpgGood Eats is a 34,000 word novella that tells the story of the Crawford family in 1960s Louisiana. 

The Haitian-Creole people, their religion, Vodoun, and the rumors of hoodoo rituals have brought esteemed cultural anthropologist Michael Crawford, his nine-year-old daughter Libby, and his Haitian-Creole nanny, Virgine Santiago, to the area. Michael’s a skeptic of the Vodoun faith and hoodoo in general—until the day his daughter is discovered lifeless at the bottom of a creek. Devastated and unable to let go, Michael makes a deal with the local bokor (sorcerer)—bring his daughter back and the bokor’s debts will be paid for life. Two days later, Libby returns. The question is: as what? 

The Deluxe Edition also includes stories (“When Daddy Comes Home,” “Child’s Play,” “The Storyteller,” and “Old Flame”) from the Dark Tales series. 

Get the ebook at the following retailers:

Amazon Single Edition

Amazon Deluxe Edition

Smashwords Single Edition

Smashwords Deluxe Edition

Grindhouse by Elle Chambers

Grindhouse1Warning: This triple feature contains graphic violence, strong language, sexual content, and extreme bloodshed. This is not for the mild-mannered. If you have any emotional triggers that can cause severe mental disturbance – Grindhouse is not for you. All others – read at your own risk. You’ve been warned.

Grindhouse is a short story collection featuring three disturbing tales:

“Little Girl, I Want To Murder You”: A young paralegal, on the way to the interview of her life, takes the cab ride from hell.

“Deviltown”: A pre-op trans hooker, looking to perform her last great trick, is in for a treat when she goes home with a stranger.

and “The Beautiful People”: High school is hell for awkward teenage girls. And payback is a bitch for the ones who’ve done wrong.

Get the ebook at the following retailers:


Barnes & Noble






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