Poll: Which Cozy Mystery Cover is Your Fave?

Okay, so I recently won a contest for a free custom cover hosted by the very generous Nicole from Cover Shot Creations. There’s a slight problem – I like all three covers and am having a hard time picking one. This is where you lovely blog readers come in. I need to know which cover would make  you stop and read the book’s blurb (and, possibly, buy it). Here’s the blurb so you can get a feel for what the story is about:

From the moment Abigail Frank steps foot in Gilmore Manor, the butler, Edmund Jones, despises her. After numerous attempts to get her fired fails, Abigail launches her own counter-assault against Jones, escalating the matter into all-out war. So when Jones winds up dead, the servants of Gilmore Manor assume Abigail killed him. But George Gilmore isn’t so sure his maid is the culprit. For starters, there are no injuries on the dead man’s body except for what appears to be a nasty snake bite on his right arm. Unless Abigail is a maid by day and a secret shape-shifting reptile by night, George believes the true murderer of Edmund Jones remains on the loose. He resolves to catch the murderous fiend before the slithery killer strikes again.

Now, for the covers:

Option 1

Option 1

Option 2

Option 2

Option 3

Option 3



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