Good Eats by Elle Chambers Free on Amazon Jan. 27-31


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eBookSoda Features Good Eats by Elle Chambers

Good Eats, a horror novella by Elle Chambers, is being featured today at eBookSoda, a new site for readers where they’ll send you ebook recommendations tailored to your tastes. Visit for more information and spread the word.

Please Help Disabled Author GB Banks Start a Zombie Revolution

Hi folks:

Please take a minute to visit the following Indiegogo campaign for author GB Banks. He’s trying to fund the launch of his new novel, Revolution Z, and he has 8 days left to reach the modest $5000 goal. I discovered GB on Kboards and he always has some great, positive advice to give beginning writers so please – check out his campaign, and if you can, consider giving a donation. He’s a fantastic guy and I want to do my part to help him get his book off the ground.

– Elle Chambers